Lgorithm solutions Inc, is one of the pioneers of customer engagement technology in the country. We have a global foot-print with more than 1500 customer and partners spread in more than 5 countries. With our vertical based expertise we have helped clients in various verticals such as Banking & Collections, Tele-sales, BPO, Telecommunication, Online gaming, E-commerce, Health & Hospitality to increase their productivity and reduce operational cost, thereby positively impacting their balance sheets.

Filipino analyst predicted an increase in the trend of the consumer debt in coming years. Easy availability of the loans and fast disbursements has given boost to the Filipino dreams and now the Philippine people are spending more what they are earning. Typically a debt collection firm typically thrives on the debt ridden culture and economy. When the economy is stumbling then there are chances that there would be lot of defaulters. Big Banks like BDO, BPI and others have huge number of defaulters and collecting from these defaulters requires more number of interactions, which bring in the cost factor. Over a period of time, a bank sees this as an additional cost and outsources the collection process to a much expert Debt collection firm.

These debt collection firms have experts who interact with the defaulter to collect the amount on behalf of the banks. In recent years the number of interaction to successfully collect a debt has risen from 6 to 11 interactions per defaulter. For this the collection agencies hire more skilled collectors to increase the debt recovery but fail to ascertain their cost. Hence, the cost of recovery or collection becomes a very important factor in order to survive the heat of the competition.


Productivity is the key factor in the collection process as the agents need to reduce the number of calls required to reach to a defaulter and successfully collect the debt. This will not only boost their Productivity but also the revenue collected.

Few of the metrics considered important for boosting productivity of the collection agents are as follows:-

  • Automating the Collection process ( With help of a dialer )
  • Proper Quality monitoring with Proper Reporting
  • Reliability of the solution
  • High Uptime and Auto-Failover mechanism

Using a dialer to automate the process of collection would reduce the agent idle time, which in turn allows him/her to take more calls and increase their productivity thereby increasing revenues.


Gone are the days when the collection agents were dialing manually and wait for the defaulter to pick up the calls. Though this still prevails but this is one of the very inefficient ways to getting connected to a defaulter as compared to the Automated Dialing process. In a manual dial process the collector dials a number manually and waits for the call to get connected, the chances of which are slim as the hurdles like Answering machine, No answer etc stops them from having a successful connect and in this whole process the agents almost wastes 30-40 Seconds, which means less talk time and more idle time. This means for every Hour of operation, agent have only 15-20 minutes of actual talk time, which means a collection agent in his/her 8 Hour work shift would be able to make only 30-40 successful calls.


When a VOIP predictive dialer software or integrated call center software is implemented for the same process, it cuts down on these idle time and hurdles like Answering machine and busy tones and throws only live/connected calls to the collection Agents. The same agent can handle more than 100 live calls per day in his/her regular 8 hour working shift, which is a mind boggling 200% increase in the agent’s productivity.

While many of the Open-Source solutions claim to have a 50%-60% detecting the Answering machine but they offer a less dialing pacing ratio up to 1:5, while Lgorithm solutions integrated call center software has a tested and verified Answering machine detection rate of up to 90% and offer Dialing Pacing ratio of up to 10, which means more live calls thereby more Revenue and Profits.

Other Innovative features in Lgorithm’s integrated call center software which is designed considering the requirement of collection process are:-

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) – An intelligent algorithm which determines the lowest cost routes while calling to the Defaulters ensuring the lowest/free call rates.
  • Best Time-to-Call – Our intelligent solution has inbuilt algorithm which learns what is the best time to call the Debtor when the chances of getting the live connect is more.
  • Call Back Management – Our solution has a very robust call back management, where the agent can schedule the call backs depending upon various variables such as Specific Time, Time Zone, Date etc.
  • Skilled Based Dialing – Another Brilliant feature of Lgorithm’s Integrated call center software is skill based dialing of calls which ensures that the defaulter who are hard to recover are handled by the most skilled and expert collection agents, increasing chances of collection.
  • Report on Mail – At the end of the day no need to pull down all the reports manually. Lgorithm’s integrated call center software automatically sends reports to your e-mail address effortlessly.
  • CRM – One of the most important feature in a collections process is the CRM where all the information of a defaulter is displayed to the collection agents .Lgorithm Solution’s Integrated call center software has a CRM specially designed for the collection and lending firms which displays all info of the defaulter including his past collected amount, Promise-to-pay date, Past and Future due dates etc.

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