Blended call center solution: An ultimate solution of outbound and inbound call centers for sales and marketing and exceptional customer service!

Blended call center solution: An ultimate solution of outbound and inbound call centers for sales and marketing and exceptional customer service!

Now you can increase the output as well as productivity of your call center with the assistance of a Blended call center solution by reducing the idle time, monitoring the performance continuously as well as improving the scalability.

A blended call center solution helps in taking incoming and making outgoing phone calls efficiently. A blended call center is very well capable of both outbound and inbound call operations for an organization.

Most of the large call centers divide their labor between the outbound and inbound call center agents. While small call centers lack the staff who can effectively manage the calls individually and they usually have to handle both inbound and outbound types of calls. For a blended call center, calls are usually prioritized so that the outbound agents are able to handle the overflow of calls from the inbound agents, if required.

The key to a successful blended call center operation is the proper mix of predictive dialing, telesales solutions and Automatic call distribution in the telephone system. Basically, an Automatic call distribution system enables the agents to answer the incoming calls efficiently while the predictive dialing system enables the agents to connect to the phone numbers which can answer the simultaneous calls only.

These types of effective blended call centers, having advanced and most up to date technology reduces the amount of idle time experienced by each agent. The agents can focus on their core business activities and their time is not wasted.  In other words, a perfect blended call center having an automatic distribution system for calling can effectively raise the productivity of the agents and save their time.

With the call center preview dialing, predictive dialing, click to call, progressive dialing, Telesales solutions accompanied by a built in customer relationship management system, an amazing caller experience is delivered very easily and conveniently. The easy to use blended calls as well as predictive dialing increases the productivity of the agents and also improves the campaign by automatically dialing as well as connecting the live calls. A unique call center management software helps in monitoring the phone lines, agents as well as campaigns. By allowing hands free conversations, blended call centers and telesales solutions, increase the productivity of the agents and help in handling both the inbound as well as outbound calls in an effective manner.

So, avoid that hefty integration fees and implement a blended call center software package in your business process solutions to connect with an agent for inbound and outbound calls and get the experience of the most productive and supportive telesales solution for your business!

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