How an Intelligent Solution can Help You in Getting more Business

How an Intelligent Solution can Help You in Getting more Business

Philippines are number one destination for the Business process outsourcing industry. This can also be seen evident in the fact that the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is the second-largest source of income for the Philippines after overseas foreign workers, generating 1.2 million jobs and $22 billion in revenue in 2015. By one estimate, 77% of BPO services are for International Companies & Agencies.

If you have ever contacted the call center of the global giants like Alibaba,TCL, Amazon ,then there is high chances that you might have talked to someone in Philippines The Philippine economy is boosted by these International companies outsourcing their processes to some call center in Philippines. With the mushroom of call centers evolving everywhere in Philippines, it’s very hard to stand apart from the crowd. The main unique selling prepositions (USP) that can make you win a good campaign or process are skilled manpower and most advanced call center technology. With Manpower being equally distributed and various training modules to improve skills of agents, the Call center solution becomes the prime focus of differentiation.

There are many platforms in the market such as re-packaged open-source technology, Legacy based hardware solutions etc, but both of these platforms have their pros and cons.

Upcoming call centers and Seat leasing Agencies choose the open-source solution but they fail to take into consideration the down sides of using the open-source solutions.

Though it seems a better option as it involves less investment but many of the International/Global companies who are looking for outsourcing partners in Philippines rejects to offer any campaign to the call centers using open-source or re-packaged solutions. These outsourcing companies look for few factors in a set-up before outsourcing such as:

  • Reliability & Robustness of the dialer solution
  • Features in the dialer solution
  • Support ( Preferably local support)
  • Scalability & Flexibility of the dialer solution

Till now these features could only be found in the Hardware based Legacy Solutions, which are too expensive and requires a lot of capital investment.

But there is now a ray of hope for the International serving BPO & Call centers as there is now a best predictive dialer software provider named Lgorithm Solution whose solution is as feature rich and robust as Hardware based legacy solutions but is as cost effective as Open-source solutions. Lgorithm solution’s Flagship product is designed keeping in mind various processes and is result of our vast vertical expertise.

Lgorithm solutions have various innovative features in their flagship product which can be easily regarded as one of the best predictive dialer software in Philippines. Lgorithm solution is dedicated in providing the best predictive dialer software to the Philippines outsourcing/BPO industry and has designed various features such as:

  • Least Cost Routing (to minimize cost of calling)
  • Skill based dialing/ routing of calls
  • Automatic Reports on Mail
  • Remote Monitoring
  • ANI/DNIS based routing
  • 360 Degree supervision tools
  • More than 200 Reports (Cradle to Grave reporting)
  • SMS, Chat, E-fax from same Dashboard
  • Social Media (Face book, Twitter) 


Lgorithm Solution has grown significantly in past few years and has helped more than 1500 clients in various sectors such as BPO, Tele-Sales, Online Gaming, E-commerce, Hospitality and Banking & Collections across the globe in significantly reducing their operational cost while increasing productivity at the same time.


We offer a wide range of products such as:-

  • Integrated call center software
  • Cloud contact center solutions
  • VoIP & Hardware 
  • BPO consultancy
  • CRM Solutions


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