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“20% of emerging Contact Centers survive the first year of operations and only 37% of these survive past the first 3 years of operations. This roughly translates to 74 out of 1000 contact centers”

voip auto dialer software

“ We help you to become faster, more competitive and efficient with our innovative modules “

A right contact center technology can enable BPOs to increase their interaction volumes while automating routine functions amidst issues of workforce efficiency, deployment flexibility, scalability and delivering enhanced customer experience.

Lgorithm enables BPO's to integrate with the CRM, ERP and Workflow solutions most commonly used in the industry. We helps with multiple campaigns (inbound, outbound, multimedia), real time supervision, reports, quality control, call-recording, remote access, voip auto dialer software, predictive dialing and CTI integration are some of the advanced functionalities.

They have been provided with a complete blended solution where Inbound and Outbound calls can be attended at the same time with a clear differentiation between inbound and outbound. Automatic dialing algorithm was designed for them in order to increase the Talk time of agents which dials on the basis of agent wait time and call delay set up.

Philippines has emerged as the world's Mecca of the call centers. With its cheap and easily available skilled labor they have rocked the predominance of India to be the world leading choice for foreign BPO, voip auto dialer software and Call center. There have been a 70% increase in the Philippines BPO industry in past decade. These Foreign BPO uses VoIP to connect to the other countries as their prime channel. Lgorithm solution provides VoIP auto dialer software which helps these call centers and businesses to reach out to their target customers. Lgorithm Solution has been of the pioneers of the VoIP auto dialer industry with their flagship product NGUCC. Lgorithm Solutions has helped these Foreign Based Philippine Operated BPO & Call centers to achieve atleast 30% more productivity by the use of their feature rich and economical VoIP auto dialer software. Lgorithm VoIP auto dialer is backed by their world-class support and delivery making it one of the leading choice of the call center industry of Philippines.

We Offers:

  • Lower costs while managing end-to-end agent productivity with no compromise on enhancing customer interaction experience across all channels.
  • An increase in interaction volumes while automating routine functions.
  • Deployment Flexibility, Scalability and delivering enhanced customer experience.
  • Integration with the CRM, ERP and Workflow solutions.
  • Multiple campaigns (inbound, outbound, multimedia), real-time supervision, reports, quality control, call-recording, remote access, predictive dialling and CTI integration.
  • Cent percent compliance with SLA adherence
  • Reduced agent turnover rates and maximization of agent productivity.