Have you reached out to all of your clientele

is it well organize and efficient it wasn’t too long ago when every business claimed that the key to winning customers was in the quality of customer interaction?
in this highly competitive world brands have to make more strategies. interaction or dealing with your clients has a big role or impact on every company the effective marketing strategy wasn’t enough to increase sales or profit of any business. engaging with your customers is great for any business. most of the individuals in this era are keeping on evolving before they just need to talk to a representative of the company through call regarding their issues but now most of them want to vent out their issues and concerns through social media such as twitter Facebook post etc. 80% of the companies right now putting some extra mile for the efficient effective and smooth experience to their existing and future customers. and only 3% are a bit happy that the company can provide a well-integrated customer experience in all communication platforms available in the market. how can we get a higher percentage or how can we provide the satisfaction that our customers are looking for let’s upgrade our communication tools to reach them out?advantages

of omnichannel solutions of lgorithm solutions:
1. omnichannel solutions are an easier way to organize all the queries of our customers in 1 platform.
2. handle all the customer inquiries or concerns with 1 agent in 1 single screen.
3. it conveniently handles all the customers concerns in 1 platform.

Lgorithm solutions provide an end to end customer interaction management. kindly check our website https://www.lgorithmsolutions.com/. let us help you.

Omnichannel Virtual Work from Home

omnichannel work from home

In today’s generation world, the customers are hasty and want easy, fast and convenient services that’s available 24/7 to them. If any organization makes its customers to switch back and forth between different channels, it doesn’t only slow down the process, but also causes disconnected conversation between organization and it’s customers.

As per our data, mostly the customers generally don’t go with the same company if they experience poor customer experience (CX)  from the company.

Today, every organization across the world is facing the impact of this heightened coronavorus pandemic. In this time of coronavirus pandemic, your customers need for seamless interactions and their needs are basically greater than ever and are also navigating new challenges and frustration daily, you just have to give them assurance and advice for overcoming this critical scenario. This will turn you be into a Positive Brand if you handle your customers needs and requirements.

So, a positive brand always builds trust, creates emotional connections and generates customer loyalty. With this work at home agent model, agents are ready to deliver quality, uninterupted CX on your customer’s channel of choice and it doesn’t matter what the situation is going on across the globe.

Omnichannel Dexterity

All the companies across all industries and geographies are now experiencing an unprecedented uptick in call volume, in response to the global pandemic. Customers are calling retailers, banks and airlines for assistance, so the organizations are also racing to deploy work at home based solutions to provide their services in this critical time.

That’s the reason, engaging your customers from their location is now more important from voice based channels, so they under strain from social distancing measures and increased absenteeism.

Lower Cost to Serve

Cost may seem limited, whenever you’re meeting your customers in real time across an increasing number of channels. However, technology can help you determine where to place your agents so they add the most value empowering you to take your strategy to the another next level.

A stronger talent pool and reduced attrition will corporate your agents into delivery model through lower overheads. This can support a reduction in your overall costs and let your business grow and run smoothly. In simple, this means high eNPS and CSAT for your business.

Flex Scheduling

The flexibility in scheduling also depends upon the flexibility of a virtual workplace while including part time, full time and flex time models, with staffing availability in the little intervals of 15 minutes.

The flex scheduling is the best way to offer your business with the right amount of agents for the current demand. You pay for what you use, with no wastage of currency and other efficiencies.

Digital Resilience

In the time of global pandemic, building resilience with customers is most prior activity for many organization across the globe. Organizations must brush up their business planning to lesson any impact on its operations.

For a BCP plan to be successful, it must anticipate mortar location, address the need for remote work, closure of brick and manage increased absenteeism which occurred from illness or need for childcare like schools and daycare close.

If fixing the flexibility and agility at the core then the work at home agent model is a robust solution for such organizations needing to flex to their customer’s ever changing needs.

Brand at Home

Building a work at home solution, like Lgorithm Solutions, will make your business resilient against this pandemic economic downturn. With upto 20% savings versus traditional brick and mortar, Lgorithm is a flexible, affordable, scalable omnichannel solution that supports your CX through unexpected business disruption.



Omnichannel contact center software

Omnichannel contact center software

Omnichannel is integrated software that provides unlimited benefits to your call center. Organizations employing a call center or associated with call center struggles every day to manage numerous customers’ data for analysis. A one-time solution to multiple problems is what Omnichannel contact center software demonstrates. The essence of this software is known widely. Currently, it is leading in the market with its multi-channel approach. Moreover, the software has gained demand with its seamless experience while running daily tasks. Omnichannel provides an edge to the market strategies by providing universal access to the organization. It encourages the organization to reach the end customer via call, chat, and email. These platforms represent the fundamental function of the software. However, the list does not stop here. The software further provides social media access, automotive engagement of tasks, live monitoring and merging interactions. The software exhibits all the valuable qualities that promote the achievement of a single goal in the long run. A call center primarily works on increasing the profit potential of the organization and provides competent services to the ultimate customers.


A customer is restricted to reach an organization from the following ways:

  • Calling customer care
  • Email
  • Social Media websites
  • Chat
  • SMS (Text)


The essential task relies upon to have integrated format of all the data shared by the customer in independent platforms. This saves the huge time of customers as well as of customer agents in repeatedly asking about the problematic issues. The Omnichannel software reliably serves the organization to shift easily between different platforms for the smooth running of the tasks. The customer not only approaches an organization through one but changes various platforms simultaneously for the same query.


Benefits of using Omnichannel contact center software:


  • Opting for Omnichannel contact center software not only improves the collaboration between different departments, but it logically improves the virtual experience of the end customer as well.
  • It seamlessly measures the response of the customer towards its likes and dislikes about the product or service.
  • It assists in segmenting the targeted audience and customer base.
  • It delivers the most convenient experience for the customer through personalized interactions on different platforms.
  • It helps in promoting business by aligning messages on different platforms, setting goals, and achieving different objectives.


The business experts around the world highly suggest the inclusion of Omnichannel contact center software to gain the most outstanding results from the call center activities. The software provided by lgorithmsolutions.com proves to be one of the most reliable technologies in the market. The omnichannel contact center is helpful for all the organizations, which are customer focused and works on the priorities set by the end consumer. The companies that rigorously work on the current demand and changes in the market environment only employ integrated software to fulfill daily tasks. To maintain the flow of conversation between the customer and the live agent, it becomes indispensable to prevent the repetition and piling of the complaint data. Omnichannel contact center software assists the customers through virtual agents to resolve the basic questions. It further assists them to reduce exertion in their minds while learning about the new product and its related services. This is the most advanced software that delivers entirely innovative ways to increase business, facilitate mouth publicity, and building brand within days.