Ecommerce industry is one where delivery of exceptional customer service matters the most. They need to provide superior service levels across multiple channels and can’t afford to miss even a single customer call. Adapting the best practices of customer experience management to create everlasting customer experiences is something that every e-commerce company is looking to achieve.

Lgorithm Offers a flexible and cost-effective technology solution that supports the dynamic needs of your business and constantly innovate to meet the customer expectations and remain ahead of your competitors. It enables you to provide pro-active customer service by automating your service delivery processes and day-to-day operations.

  • Omni-channel customer engagement facility to interact with the customers on their preferred channels.
  • Automation of outbound and inbound campaigns by using smart technological tools which includes predictive dialers, IVRs and Voice Blasters.
  • Easy integration with intelligent CRM systems to keep a track of all your customer information and maintaining all important customer records.
  • Intelligent routing system to ensure that the inbound queries are handled by the best possible resource based on the particular customer’s requirements.
  • Workforce optimization to measure and improve employee’s performance along with consistent monitoring facilities.