Creating a world-class healthcare facility in this highly competitive era, not just require provision of good medical facilities but also real-time and seamless communication with the patients and other members at every level. Delivering consistent customer experience and managing patient engagement while adhering to the legal compliances and regulations call for an all-in-one technology and communication platform that manages everything with ease and bring operational efficiency in the system. Lgorithm solution provides contact management solutions for healthcare organizations to help you manage Patient Accounts and Services more efficiently and for less cost. Lgorithm solution offers powerful technology solutions for the Healthcare industry that can help you increase your right-party contact rates and streamline the communications process. Our unified solutions give you the tools to enhance the productivity of your agents, save resources, improve appointment scheduling, manage patient services and increase payments on patient accounts.

Build Productivity with More Right-Party Contacts:

The Lgorithm solutions platform uses one of the industry’s most advanced dialing algorithms and superior tone and voice detection to drive agent productivity rates.

Save Agent Resources with Personalized Patient Messaging

Outbound messaging and text-to-speech tools help ensure that agents are talking to the correct people. If the patient is available, you can transfer the call to an agent; if not, leave an automated message with a return phone number. For more efficient service, the Lgorithm Solution can be integrated with your existing appointment or account software to provide appointment details, patient information, and payment options, and record contact results automatically, without requiring an agent. You can contact patients with appointment reminders, payment requests, test results and comply with privacy rules.

Increase Patient Response with Interactive Tools & Payment Options

Self-service menus allows patients to respond immediately by selecting from a menu of options, such as to confirm or change an appointment, entering payment information, or updating account details. Or, they can choose to speak with an agent for more information.

Improve Service Levels with Effective Routing

The use of skills-based routing can increase patient satisfaction by sending patients to the right agent to answer their questions.

Create a Unified Environment for All Communications

Agents can be assigned to handle both outbound and inbound calls at the same time, promoting increased efficiency. Dialing automatically adjusts to fluctuating call volumes while optimizing agent activity. Agents can work one-on-one with patients on assigned accounts with Account Ownership. Email and web support help you provide completely unified patient services for multimedia channels.

Maximize Performance with the Dynamic Management Suite

Manage all of your patient communication activities with our comprehensive Management Suite. Designed in a user-friendly environment, our manager tools allow users to build scripts, control center resources, monitor real-time performance, and create custom reports, without requiring high-level IT experts.


  • Comprehensive inbound, outbound and blended capabilities fostering multi-channel interactions between the doctors and the patients.
  • Pre-integrated CRM and databases with scripting and screen pops allows the doctors to have a holistic view of complete medical history of the patients.
  • Efficient management of patients' medical history
  • Intelligent routing system to ensure that the inbound queries are handled by the best possible resource based on the particular patient’s requirements.
  • Flexible Agent Scripting.
  • Multiple Numbers per Record
  • Automated Messaging
  • Patient Contact
  • Real Time Record Update
  • Agent Call-back Skills-based Routing
  • Benefits:

    More right-party contacts, accomplished more efficiently at a lower cost.

    Capture, segment and analyze customer contact data for appropriate follow-up patient services actions.

    Seamless integration with established systems and databases.

    Manage each contact appropriately based on patient account attributes or other rules and stay in compliance.

    Professional customer interactions, at the right time, with the right channel and appropriate data.

    Route calls to the appropriate self-service channel or agent skill group.

    Multiple channels for contact including email, fax, web, text, predictive dialers, and voice broadcasting.

    A unified inbound outbound software solution provides advanced capabilities that allow your team to manage all phases of the patient communication process.