Market Research

Lgorithm solution offers powerful technology solutions for the Market Research industry that can help you increase your contact rates, enhance efficiencies, and streamline program management. Lgorithm gives you the tools to expand researcher productivity, complete more surveys, use resources more effectively, make program and survey modifications, view list and campaign, monitor system activity, and deliver improved results.

Increase Productivity & Connect Rates with More Right-Party Contacts

The Lgorithm solutions platform uses one of the industry’s most advanced dialing algorithms and superior tone and voice detection to drive agent productivity rates. With 95%+ answering machine detection, and busy, no answer, and disconnect (temporary and permanent) tone recognition, agents receive only live parties, instead of unproductive numbers.

Create Custom Surveys & New Programs Quickly & Easily

Lgorithm Composer is a graphical, point-and-click environment for creating customized researcher desktops. Develop sophisticated applications, screens, and scripts from our intuitive design tool, without advanced programming knowledge or expensive technical assistance. The system is designed to allow you to get new programs up and running quickly, and to manage in-production programs with rapid modifications.

Get More from Your Survey Programs with Advanced Options

A full communications package includes the newest in contact center technologies. Options such as automated surveys, personalized notifications, interactive tools, and ‘virtual agents’ give you more functionality. These high-efficiency applications improve researcher productivity, lower program overhead, and save costs, while providing improved results.

Improve Service Levels with Effective Contact & Skills Based Routing

Intelligent call routing can increase your service results by processing calls based on call criteria. Skills-based routing sends calls to agents with the best skills to handle the account. DNIS/ANI capture lets you direct calls to different agent groups for different services. Agent-specific callbacks are also supported.

Provide a Unified Environment for Blended Communications

Researchers can be assigned to handle both outbound and inbound calls at the same time, promoting increased efficiency. Dialing automatically adjusts to fluctuating call volumes while optimizing agent activity. Integration with our built-in database, or with your existing systems, ensures that your customer accounts are maintained with up-to-the-second accuracy. Email and web support help you provide completely unified services for multimedia channels.

Keep Your Clients Up-to-Date with Real-Time Reports

A robust toolset for reporting on researcher, group, survey, program, and list statistics helps you direct call activities and meet business objectives. View summary and detail reports on current and historical statistics in on-screen, print, or email format. Or, export information to other packages, such as Microsoft Access and Excel, or Crystal Reports, so you can give your clients the details they need.


Outbound Multi-mode Dialer, Inbound ACD, Universal Queue & Blended Contacts

Integrated Relational Database

Multiple Outbound/Inbound Program Management – run 1,000+ simultaneous outbound and unlimited inbound in-production campaigns simultaneously

Automated Surveys – IVR, Text-to-Speech & Speech Recognition.

Digital Call Recording & Speech Analytics

Call Pacing Selection by Program with Answering Machine Detection.

Legislative and Do Not Call Compliance Features.

Custom Script Development and ‘On-the-fly’ Modifications with ‘Point-and-Click’ Interface.

Integration to CfMC and other External Systems via ODBC Standards for Unified Researcher Desktops.

Real-time Query-based Reporting with Customization Tools (view on-screen, print or email).

Flexible Reporting and Monitoring Features for Client Access to View Performance and Results.

Unified Contact Histories with Up-to-the-second Data Accuracy.

Time Tracking & Payroll Reporting

Flexible Deployment Options & Architectures


Increase Productivity & Connect Rates with More Right-Party Contacts to Complete More Surveys

Manage Multiple Programs Simultaneously, with Different Pacing, Lines, Scripts, Agents, Lists, & Data Capture Selections for Each Program.

Build Efficiency through Universal Agents & Blended Inbound & Outbound Stations for Voice & Email.

Control Dialing Activities with 7 Separate & Distinct Pacing Methods, including FTC Compliance Settings.

Offer Advanced Options such as IVR for Automated Surveys, Digital Recording for Response Confirmation and Compliance Tracking, Remote Users, & VoIP Solutions.

Customize Surveys & Make Changes with Point-and-Click Scripting & Manage Program Modifications ‘On-the-fly’, without Agent or System Downtime

Keep Your Clients and Teams Informed with Accurate Data, Researcher Monitoring, & On-Demand Real-Time Reporting.

Improve List Management with Real-time Tools to View Performance and Penetration, Import New Lists and Add or Remove Records.

Create a Single, Unified Desktop Environment for Your Researchers with Integration to Market Research Tools, such as CfMC and External Databases with Support for Flexible Data Formats.