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outbound dialer

Outbound Dialer

  1. Multiple Dialing Modes:
  2. Predictive Dialing
  3. with Dynamic Call Pacing.
  4. Progressive, Preview, Manual
  5. Rule-based Dialing
  6. AMD:
  7. High Answering Machine and Detection
  8. SIT, Fax Tones detection
  9. Campaign Management:
  10. Manage multiple campaigns
  11. Single unified view of all campaigns
  12. Effective call management:
  13. Multiple numbers
  14. Manual- and automatic number churn and fetch
  15. Leads Management:
  16. Retry numbers and timeout
  17. Time zone wise calling with multiple numbers
  18. PACE – Best Time to Call
  19. Exclusion and DNC:
  20. Do-not-call Compliance
  21. Campaign & Media level exclusion
  22. Call Back:
  23. Same agent Call-back
  24. Group Call-back
  25. Request for call back
  26. Reporting:
  27. Agent and group Productivity
  28. Sales and performance related
  29. CTI with screen pop:

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer automates outbound calling procedure while managing multiple campaigns and leads. The predictive dialer is a smart communication device that can detect answering machines, SIT tones, and busy tones; eliminate dialing, redialing and response time, and forward only the live connected calls to the customer service agent. This helps minimize agent idle time and thus garner optimal efficiency from the business resources.

Preview Dialer

This mode automatically proposes the next call to dial based on campaign settings and provides the agent an opportunity to prep before placing the call. With preview dialer, outbound dialer contact center agents are able to see the next call in the list, and is up to them when to make the call and is also allowed to skip to the next name on the list. This can be ideal for complex sales where a bit of research is required between calls to increase the chances of success

Skill Based Outbound dialing

Taking the thought of “beyond predictive dialing” further, Our Parallel latest Dialer enables effective and targeted outbound dialer campaigns for contact centers. Earlier, defining the contact strategy by assigning appropriate agent-skills was limited to just the inbound processes. Now with skill based outbound dialing we simplifies the customer-specific dialing processes