Travel and Vacation Ownership

Lgorithm solutionhelps travel and resort companies handle all phases of their operation from marketing to inbound or outbound customer service. Resort owners and travel companies depend on Our inbound outbound contact interaction management system for everything from customer acquisition to handling inbound reservations and service issues.

Build Productivity with More Right-Party Contacts

The Lgorithm solutionsplatform uses one of the industry’s most advanced dialing algorithms and superior tone and voice detection to drive agent productivity rates. With 95%+ answering machine detection, and busy, no answer, and disconnect recognition, agents receive only live parties instead of unproductive numbers.

Increase Response Rates through Automated Messaging

Outbound messaging and text-to-speech tools help ensure that agents are talking to qualified parties. For more efficient service, the Lgorithm suite can be integrated with your billing software or database to provide account information and payment options, and to record contact results automatically, without requiring an agent.

Enable Customer Self-Service with Personalization & Interactive Tools

Automated messaging can be used to notify owners of new opportunities, to verify new accounts, and to send vacation reminders. Self-service menus allow owners to respond immediately with automated functions, such as payment processing. Inbound options allows owners to make account changes or even schedule a vacation – all without requiring a live agent.

Improve Service Levels with Effective Contact Routing

The use of skills-based routing can increase your service results by routing calls based on agent skills. Sales calls can be sent to more effective closers, or route calls for new and existing owners to different groups. Agent-specific callbacks are also supported. Digital recording tools capture orders for later verification and customers can be transferred as needed, without hanging up and dialing another number.

Create a Unified Environment for All Communications

Agents can be assigned to handle both outbound and inbound calls at the same time, promoting increased efficiency. Dialing automatically adjusts to fluctuating call volumes while optimizing agent activity. Integration with our built-in database, or with your existing systems, ensures that your customer account records are maintained with up-to-the-second accuracy. Email and web support help you provide completely unified services for multimedia channels.

Maximize Performance with the Dynamic Management Suite

Manage all of your owner activities with our comprehensive Management Suite. Designed in a user-friendly environment, our manager tools allow users to build scripts, control center resources, monitor real-time performance, and create custom reports, without requiring high-level IT experts.


Dialer & ACD, Universal Queue & Blended Contacts

Integrated Relational Database with Complete Contact Histories Customized Scripts & Agent Desktops

Appointment Setting Tools & Agent-Specific Callback Scheduling IVR & Text-to-Speech for Automated Messaging and ‘Virtual Agent’ Campaigns

Owner Self-Service with Interactive Menu Options for Account Changes & Payments

Owner Self-Service with Interactive Menu Options for Account Changes & Payments

Answering Machine Detection

Skills-Based Routing

Multiple Phone Numbers per Owner

Allows you to control how agents view and capture information or complete the loan qualification, as well as manage lead tracking processes.

Reservations & Billing System Interfaces

Internal & External Call Transfers.

Real-time, Onscreen Reporting with Up-to-the-second Data Accuracy

Credit Authorizations & Processing.

Time Tracking & Payroll Reporting


Increase Productivity with More Right-Party Contacts.

Improve Efficiency through Automated Messaging & ‘Virtual Agents’

Enable Customer Self-Service & Save Agent Resources with Personalized Notifications & Interactive Tools

Improve Service Levels with Effective Contact Routing

Send Accounts to More Experienced Agents through Skills-based Routing.

Predict Sales-by-Agent using Custom Reports