Increase customer onboarding with Video KYC services from Lgorithm Solutions

Video KYC services

Customer verification services can face many issues at times when remote working has become essential for every sector. At times when only essential services are operational, the KYC process is facing multiple problems, which leads to reduced customer onboarding. KYC process often requires a person to be present at the financial institution in person or via an on-field agent who can come to your desired location and process your KYC. However, as contact centers have switched to remote work, the KYC process has become impossible. Lgorithm Solutions introduces video KYC services, a solution to ensure uninterrupted KYC process and in turn, increased customer onboarding.


A faster verification process for remote contact centers with the video KYC solutions has benefited customer onboarding through multiple options like:


Quick and Paperless Verification:

Paperless verification becomes absolute with the new video KYC options. This leads to quicker verification at the same time does not require a collection of documents at financial institutes or doorstep verification.


 Pan Verification

Real-time verification of customer data provides safe and secure verification using available customer data.


Face Detection Features:

The face detection feature provides a live verification process through a cloud solution, thus making the verification quick and easy. The unique face recognition algorithm provides an uninterrupted live face recognition feature.


Keeping a check on Digital Forgery

The unique AI or ML integrated algorithms keep a check on digital forgery methods on the ID proofs provided by the customer. This makes sure that the data provided by the customer is valid and authentic.


Geo-Location Capture and IP Address Check

To enhance security measures and avoid the breach of security, real-time capture of the customer’s location using GPS options is now possible. The software captures the latitude and longitude where the customer is situated at the same time also records the IP address of the customer.


Time checks and compliance

The video KYC solutions offer a time stamp facility for all the applications. The KYC video solutions provided by Lgorithm Solutions are compliant with all the rules and regulations implemented by the finance institutions in the Philippines.


From the above-mentioned features, it can be proved that video KYC is beneficial, as well as secure, and can help increase customer onboarding. Following is the process associated with video KYC:


  • Application process and distribution 

Customers can make KYC applications through 3rd party apps, landing pages, websites, and platforms provided by the banking institutes. These applications are then sent to the verification teams based on regions or agent availability features.


  • Creating tasks and call initiation

After the application is assigned to a particular agent a date and time are set to initiate a video call for verification. This is done based on the customer’s choice and can be customized.


  • Video KYC verification

After the call is initiated, the agent instructs the customer to hold their document, and a screenshot is taken by the agent that includes the customer as well as their documents. This helps to establish a face matching process, and other details provided by the customer are also verified, as per the documents provided by them.


  • Agent verification and review

After the call is complete, the agent can approve or reject the application depending on the data provided by the customer, as well as the face match on call. The call is reviewed by a manager, and based on his review the application is accepted or rejected.


  • Completion of the verification process

After the manager’s review is complete the customer is updated with the status of the application. Based upon its approval or rejection it is then moved to the next steps.


Have you reached out to all of your clientele

is it well organize and efficient it wasn’t too long ago when every business claimed that the key to winning customers was in the quality of customer interaction?
in this highly competitive world brands have to make more strategies. interaction or dealing with your clients has a big role or impact on every company the effective marketing strategy wasn’t enough to increase sales or profit of any business. engaging with your customers is great for any business. most of the individuals in this era are keeping on evolving before they just need to talk to a representative of the company through call regarding their issues but now most of them want to vent out their issues and concerns through social media such as twitter Facebook post etc. 80% of the companies right now putting some extra mile for the efficient effective and smooth experience to their existing and future customers. and only 3% are a bit happy that the company can provide a well-integrated customer experience in all communication platforms available in the market. how can we get a higher percentage or how can we provide the satisfaction that our customers are looking for let’s upgrade our communication tools to reach them out?advantages

of omnichannel solutions of lgorithm solutions:
1. omnichannel solutions are an easier way to organize all the queries of our customers in 1 platform.
2. handle all the customer inquiries or concerns with 1 agent in 1 single screen.
3. it conveniently handles all the customers concerns in 1 platform.

Lgorithm solutions provide an end to end customer interaction management. kindly check our website let us help you.

KYC process has now become easy with Lgorithm Solutions’ Video KYC service

Video KYC service

In the times when remote operations for call and contact centers have become crucial, there is one more service that seems highly affected by the remote process. KYC process is one such service that was earlier carried at doorsteps with the ease of on-field agents. The service was usually done in person where a customer was greeted with agents on a specific remote location. The ease of movement of both customers and agents has now become difficult with different situations around and at times also possesses health risks. At such times online KYC options are the easiest and accessible option available to customers as well as organizations.


However, with the increasing online options, customer dropoffs have also increased. A simple solution to all the problems associated with online KYC at the same time offering a secure solution to the customer is also important. All these factors are taken into consideration with the Lgorithm Solutions’ Video KYC solutions. An assured reduced rate in the customer drop-offs, as well as customer engagement, are the few services offered by Lgorithm Solutions.


Following are the features of KYC video solutions offered by us:


  • Low bandwidth accessibility for a quicker customer onboarding

Bandwidth issues are a major threat to customer onboarding which leads to reduced customer rates and affects the entire process. Low bandwidth accessible software solutions help improve customer engagement at faster rates as compared to conventional solutions that can reduce the customers due to bandwidth issues and other problems associated with the same. An increased conversion rate of 20% and more is the benefit of video KYC solutions as compared to standalone solutions for KYC.


  • Higher customer rate improving overall business

Video KYC solutions help reduce other costs that are associated with the overall KYC completion costs. The costs include on-field agent support costs, hardware costs, as well as transportation costs. The after process after completing KYC at the customer end is also impacted by issues like timing and turn around options. The new video KYC options can significantly reduce all the above costs as well as provide immediate KYC completion with video KYC deployment features leading to an increase in customers.


  • Assured Security and Compliance

Total security is provided with Lgorithm Solutions’ video KYC deployment solutions. The solutions offered are RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and SEBI compliant following all the rules and regulations offered by the institutions. It also ensures customer privacy and security measures associated with customer data.


  • Benefits from the experienced professionals from industry

With a proven track record Lgorithm Solutions will also offer the expertise of our trained and experienced professionals to help serve better and manage a large number of customers. With options like customer support to individual organization support options to enhance your business.


  • Custom solutions provided as per industry

All organizations from different industries ranging from e-commerce and banks, every industry is benefited from the custom video KYC services. Following are the industries which can be highly benefited with the custom KYC services through video solutions:

  1. Banking
  2. Lending Enterprises
  3. E-wallet service providers
  4. Insurance companies
  5. Mutual Fund institutes
  6. Aggregators


Lgorithm Solution’s Video KYC solutions offer an engaging platform for customers through their secure, customized, and low-speed setup. This provides benefits like


  • Quick onboarding of customers with lesser KYC completion times of just a few seconds.


  • Easy deployment process and customer verification thus eliminating the need for in-person KYC.


  • Lower costs through cloud setups.


  • Customer engagement through features like browser solutions that do not require any special apps.


  • Face verification and easy to track options are a few features associated with our video KYC solutions.


A Must Read to Manage Operations of Your Remote Contact Center

Remote Contact Center

A Must Read to Manage Operations of Your Remote Contact Center


Remote work has become the need of the hour, especially for call centers. Today, most call centers rely on a remote setup. To simplify the issues faces by the agents and managers many new cloud softwares are available in the market. Cloud technology has made it accessible to improve the quality of services that your firm has to offer. It can also help you decide the right service providers for remote contact center softwares. It often gets complicated to select the right cloud service provider.


A remote contact center varies from business to business and your requirements for agents, managers, and callers will also change accordingly. For the effective management of the operations of your remote contact center the right cloud center technology is very essential. If your business is new and you are planning to invest in cloud solutions for limited clients, at the same time you have not planned for future expansions, at such times selecting the right cloud technology plays a very important role. The remote contact center solutions offered by Lgorithm Solutions are compatible and can be modified according to your needs.


With the right cloud software, one can operate their remote contact center without any hassle and at the comfort of their homes. A right cloud tech solution should comply with the following aspects:


  1. Telecom rules and regulations.
  2. No hidden costs.
  3. Data security.
  4. End to end secure systems.
  5. Capability of integrations.
  6. Licensing and Usage rights.


Lgorithm Solutions offers all the above benefits at affordable prices and therefore managing a remote contact center has now become very easy. Along with the right software here are a few suggestions that will also help you run your contact center with ease from remote locations.

With the increasing need for remote work, call centers is a major industry that has adopted such techniques that have given rise to virtually accessible 24 x 7 services. The use of cloud technologies helps multiple businesses to provide round the clock quality services without spending a lot of capital. With the immense benefits, many challenges are associated with running these remote workplaces.


Effective management of agents and providing uninterrupted services are the first concerns associated with these remote centers for customer care. Here is a guide that will guide you to manage your agents along with the right cloud technologies.


  1. Use of agent management technologies for remote access:

Workforce management is a very crucial aspect of a contact center supervisor. Thus, the use of different tools offered by your remote contact center tool to manage the agents can be utilized efficiently.


  1. Use of analytics from your contact center

Just like the different performance tools that you use in a conventional call center a remote software also offers similar analytics. These are based on the data that is collected by the software at different intervals. By analyzing this data one can easily identify customer satisfaction. This can also help you predict your team’s weaknesses and strengths.


  1. Use of agent tracking options

While supervising your agents you can check the agent’s data related to his calls and activities. From these metrics, you can determine his or her performance easily and monitor their progress. The software can also suggest improvement areas for the agent.


Apart from the use of technology to determine various aspects and performance of your call center you can also implement the following measure.


  • Monitoring customer satisfaction and quality through customer feedbacks and quality assurance tools.
  • Developing an effective training program for all the agents and employees at different levels
  • Offer remote training and arrange sessions that provide training to operate a remote contact center with efficiency.


With the above points, one can surely ensure efficient management of their remote contact center with ease.






Top Key Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Center

Key Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Center

Mostly the working call centers are working on an old technology and call center software that can’t let the customers enjoy services and businesses to communicate.

A cloud contact center uses the latest in communication services technology that offers many benefits to businesses who want to meet and exceed customer service expectations.

If your business still depends on legacy contact center technology, you’re likely feeling the pain of your system limitations. So it’s the right time to add new channels (such as email, chatbox, messaging or social media in-app messaging), by moving towards the cloud contact center.

These are the reasons which allow you to explore if moving to the cloud storage center is right.


  • A hosted call center is right to scale your workplace quickly

Cloud solutions allow you to instantly scale workplace teams to meet the ebb and flow of customer demand by responding quickly to an aggressive price from a competitor, unlike legacy solutions that need voice modules or other add on tools. You don’t have to do money wastage anymore on buying indeed servers and support extra software. By using cloud center software you only pay for what you use.

  • High level industry solutions mean unmatched service reliability and availability

Today cloud center services provide you with the highest levels of availability, reliability and disaster recovery available, which you can’t get in premises-based call center systems. To further boost overall reliability, data centers are staffed with highly trained experts who manage the system 24/7 and perform all the latest upgrades.

  • Improve customer experience when maximizing agent productivity

Got stuck between multiple applications and hardware problems can take a toll on agent performance. But this modern cloud storage system, productivity takes a major turn with advanced function skills as call monitoring and predictive dialers.

  • Provide the right information to the user at the right time

Whenever the customers call you, they seem to be frustrated by previous poor service qualities. This makes your agents’ job more difficult for handling these situations. It can lead to frustration, human error, duplicated effort and ultimately poor customer satisfaction.

  • Assigning agents to channels that better match their skills

As any experienced contact center manager knows, certain agents can handle different types of situations better than others. With a cloud contact center, your company can leverage the power of the universal queue to automatically route customers to an agent based on their skills.

  • Matching an agent’s skills to the costumer’s needs

Customers have so many options available to communicate with your company in many ways. This gives you access to huge pools of data, essential for your company’s growth. Cloud contact center can help to increase customer satisfaction and also deliver improvements in upselling and sell rates.

  • Fielding the new “connected agent”

A cloud contact center synthesizes all of the required data on a single screen, creating a new breed of “connected agents” that can deliver the kind of competent support that resonates with customers. Also, the Screen pop-ups can further help keep agents one step ahead of customers by providing information about previous purchases, billing history and other personal preferences.

  • Real-Time support

Cloud contact center solutions allow agents to follow the full thread of a customer’s journey from one channel to next. This allows agents to service customers more efficiently and better solve issues in real-time.

  • Strong disaster recovery

No need to invest in costly expenditures, just go with a cloud center service. It works from every internet connection and every kind of IP system and from anywhere. In the event of a disaster, your agents can instantly failover to mobile devices or softphones on their home computers or at temporary work quarters.


Omnichannel Virtual Work from Home

omnichannel work from home

In today’s generation world, the customers are hasty and want easy, fast and convenient services that’s available 24/7 to them. If any organization makes its customers to switch back and forth between different channels, it doesn’t only slow down the process, but also causes disconnected conversation between organization and it’s customers.

As per our data, mostly the customers generally don’t go with the same company if they experience poor customer experience (CX)  from the company.

Today, every organization across the world is facing the impact of this heightened coronavorus pandemic. In this time of coronavirus pandemic, your customers need for seamless interactions and their needs are basically greater than ever and are also navigating new challenges and frustration daily, you just have to give them assurance and advice for overcoming this critical scenario. This will turn you be into a Positive Brand if you handle your customers needs and requirements.

So, a positive brand always builds trust, creates emotional connections and generates customer loyalty. With this work at home agent model, agents are ready to deliver quality, uninterupted CX on your customer’s channel of choice and it doesn’t matter what the situation is going on across the globe.

Omnichannel Dexterity

All the companies across all industries and geographies are now experiencing an unprecedented uptick in call volume, in response to the global pandemic. Customers are calling retailers, banks and airlines for assistance, so the organizations are also racing to deploy work at home based solutions to provide their services in this critical time.

That’s the reason, engaging your customers from their location is now more important from voice based channels, so they under strain from social distancing measures and increased absenteeism.

Lower Cost to Serve

Cost may seem limited, whenever you’re meeting your customers in real time across an increasing number of channels. However, technology can help you determine where to place your agents so they add the most value empowering you to take your strategy to the another next level.

A stronger talent pool and reduced attrition will corporate your agents into delivery model through lower overheads. This can support a reduction in your overall costs and let your business grow and run smoothly. In simple, this means high eNPS and CSAT for your business.

Flex Scheduling

The flexibility in scheduling also depends upon the flexibility of a virtual workplace while including part time, full time and flex time models, with staffing availability in the little intervals of 15 minutes.

The flex scheduling is the best way to offer your business with the right amount of agents for the current demand. You pay for what you use, with no wastage of currency and other efficiencies.

Digital Resilience

In the time of global pandemic, building resilience with customers is most prior activity for many organization across the globe. Organizations must brush up their business planning to lesson any impact on its operations.

For a BCP plan to be successful, it must anticipate mortar location, address the need for remote work, closure of brick and manage increased absenteeism which occurred from illness or need for childcare like schools and daycare close.

If fixing the flexibility and agility at the core then the work at home agent model is a robust solution for such organizations needing to flex to their customer’s ever changing needs.

Brand at Home

Building a work at home solution, like Lgorithm Solutions, will make your business resilient against this pandemic economic downturn. With upto 20% savings versus traditional brick and mortar, Lgorithm is a flexible, affordable, scalable omnichannel solution that supports your CX through unexpected business disruption.



Contact Center Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare market is evolving on multiple fronts. Advancements in technology not only enable better care, but also increase the level of “customer service” patients receive before, during, and after a visit to the doctor. Healthcare call center services are very helpful to healthcare providers looking to deliver exceptional patient care. By taking care of the non-core tasks in the healthcare business, the medical specialists can focus on making their patients better, improve overall efficiency and work with the knowledgeable experts for a budget-friendly price.

Benefits of a Contact Center for the Healthcare Sector


  • Reduce re-admission rates with outbound calls through patients’ preferred channel.
  • Nurses can utilize downtime to follow up on post operation care and medication instructions.
  • Patients are directly connected to proper nurse based on their health record.
  • Streamline patient communications with a single system across sites with centralized remote administration: Multi-site contact center, operator console, and quality management capabilities.
  • Improve patients’ ability to connect: self-service, IVR, SMS, mobile apps chat, etc.
  • Decrease appointment no shows


          Improve Patient Care with IVR

Provide exceptional patient experiences without sacrificing compliance, budgets, or staff productivity. Enthuse Interactive Contact Center solutions help providers meet their business needs:

  • Improve the patient call experience:
    • Intelligently route calls to the appropriate staff member quickly.
    • Proactively notify patients of appointments, test results, etc.
  • Reduce operational costs related to patient care by shortening patient wait times.
  • Integrate with existing back-office systems for a smooth patient and employee experience.
  • Offer prescription refills through IVR self-service solution.

Advantages of Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers are used in call centers which predicts the right time when the customer will be most responsive to the calls. Predictive dialer VOIP is a software product with the use of VOIP service directly, it is capable of predictive dialing. Basically, it is configured as a set of soft phones of a VOIP service.

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. As people have begun to prefer VOIP to the age old communication services, the demand of VOIP service have been increased. This demand has led to a rapid growth of this industry creating business opportunities for many entrepreneurs. Retail VOIP can be defined as the business where VOIP service provider offers services to the individuals customers. These are those individuals who are at long distance and make calls, organization, and giving the employees to many who are usually use these communication service.

Some of the advantages of predictive dialer VoIP;

It is dialer software which works on an intelligent algorithm. They are able to dials the phone numbers which are stored in the database, and once the call is connected, it assigns the call to the available agent.

  1. They minimizes the waiting time of the agent by predicting that when the agent available to take the next call is.
  2. They are based on cloud-based dialer which helps the customer in which data is automatically updated.
  3. They come with the advantage of cloud, so due to which the call can be made and received anytime and at any place.
  4. It improves the customer-agent communication by monitors the live calls without disturbing the ongoing conversation.
  5. The potential numbers will be dials only because it can be filters out the busy numbers, and voicemail calls.
  6. For improving call center productivity it can provides extensive reports with complete statistics
  7. Both the inbound and outbound calls can be blend.
  8. They are integrated with CRM which helps in efficient utilization of all the customer data for the agent.

Introduction of the CRM dialer solutions

CRM stands for the Customer relationship management are the software that helps the call center agents to obtain the right information and knowledge about history of customer to improve the overall customer’s experience. It is an augmented CRM system which is meets by the existing team operations and their activities. You can have a completely customized CRM platform instead of having multiple systems for each activity which helps you to manage your current responsibility. They have to manage different functionalities which are associated with daily operations. During the normal work day it would be struggle to manage multiple work-related software. You can connect all the different platforms to a central dashboard with the help of API integration.

So, The API integrations are that which involve different business software exchanging information. . Some of the features includes like call queueing, call recording, voicemail, blacklists and contact tags. Their mission is to extension of the client, adding value by collaborating to achieve success. They help the clients to reach next level.

For Local and International clients based in Philippines , You have a one of the best predictive dialer solution available in Manila with Lgorithm Solutions , you can contact them by visiting or reach us at , they are also available on +63 – 9173126202 .




Top Benefits of Unified Communications Solutions for Businesses

Do you want to create a high network-centric approach to communication solutions? If yes, then this is the one-stop destination for you and your integrated unified communications system is an effective and top option to make a high network. You can find a lot of features in integrated Unified Communication systems like mobile devices, e-mail, text messages, and mobile phones. According to the latest technology study and report, it is found that an integrated UC system offers several advantages related to business costs and strategies. So, read the amazing benefits or advantages of the UC System given below.



A top Unified Communication System can collaborate data, web, conferencing, voice, and video into a single pack by using IP-based technologies. It is true that the use of the latest and advanced communication channels or devices helps in improving your business network across the globe, and a unified communication system will cut the communication cost and will also benefit areas if underused capacity.  A message sent with the help of the UC system is directly sent to the selected communication device of the proposed recipient. In contact centers business, it is crucial to provide the best customer service and the US system makes it possible. But it is important to get in touch with a leading and top communication technology partner so that you get the best guidance and effective unified communication system service.

Best Unified Communications System Service of Lgorithm Solutions offers high-end premise voice support and latest communication services. If you will use this technology, then you can access a variety of applications like Video, Fax, SMS, chat, etc. So, reduce the operation cost of your business now with the help of Lgorithm SolutionsUnified Communication System.


Huge Savings in travel expenses

One of the major advantages of investing money in Unified Communication Systems is the ability to save travel expenses. If you are using UC services, then there is no need to travel to a single central site, you can avail the features of audio and video conferencing of the UC platform. This advanced and latest technology system offers ultimate solutions to the distinguished companies without sending money on traveling to achieve professional teamwork and collaboration.


Collaboration tools

The latest collaboration tools like VOIP technology and other message services allow companies to communicate at a worldwide level. By using these tools, contact centers can improve their productivity at a high level.


Effective Mobile Solutions

Today, numerous companies are using various mobile solutions for their company growth. If you are one of them, then take UC system solutions because the UC system provides the best opportunity for the companies to connect with anyone from any location in a short time. Proper management systems and the latest communication tools help in increasing the productivity of the business.

So, if you are seeking high-end and effective business collaboration options, then connect with a reliable technology partner like Lgorithm Solutions and get the best UC System solutions.


6 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Center

The call center is one of the leading industries in the business and you can find numerous contact centers that are using old technology and call center software. If you are one of them, then stop here and start using the latest communication technology and the latest cloud-based contact center software. It offers numerous benefits to businesses who want to target international customers as well.


If your company is using legacy contact center technology, then you are familiar with the drawbacks of using it as there are some limitations. You can’t add new channels like SMS or Messenger and update your phone as well. It’s difficult to help clients when your innovation and software technology works against you.


Now, building a cloud-based contact center is the effective and best way to increase the network of your business. By using cloud solutions, you can add multiple channels and extraordinary features as per your business need.


Here you can see a list of extraordinary benefits of a cloud-based Contact Center.


It helps in Adding Communication Channels- In this digital world, communication styles are changing and most of the customers prefer other communication ways to connect with your business. In fact, according to a  recent survey and research, it is found that 90% of people use text messaging to take with businesses. But with contact center software, there is no need to replace your whole system in order to add some channels or features like SMS, Facebook messenger, etc. The major benefit of using a cloud solution is that you can add various channels in your previous contact center.



Best For Global Reach

Cloud-Based Contact Center Softwares helps in expanding global reach it means by using the latest cloud contact center solutions or software, you can receive connectivity of the calls from various regions from one platform. In addition to this, you can also get the data of demanding phone numbers from a similar platform. You can easily add new country coverage in less time without carrier negotiations and codebase changes.


Scale your contact center Effectively

Cloud contact center solutions require insignificant on-location hardware or programming, which permits organizations the adaptability to scale telephone lines and highlights all over progressively. Organizations can include new telephone lines or call directing structures to oblige regular variances in client call volume.


The latest and top cloud call center solutions can offer extraordinary and flexible features and support from any location. You can grow your business without paying oversubscription charges as APIs are based on a pay-as-you-go model.


Helps in Increasing Reliability

Every individual and every business wants reliable services whether it is a product service or software service. Cloud-based contact centers are well-known for offering reliability.

Modern contact centers utilize cloud-based software and connect calls through carries at a worldwide level. They use data centers that are distributed geographically across the globe. Their calls give high-quality experience to the customers and you can’t this type of reliability in old contact centers.


Well-Known For Intelligent Routing

When customers call businesses and ask queries, businesses need to give quick responses to those customers and at that time the priority is to connect those customers with the right agents quickly. It is true that in inbound contact centers, you can see intelligent routing as it allows businesses to connect customers to the right agents in a faster way.


Reporting and Analytics

Every call center needs customer’s information for outbound calling purpose and it is important for all call centers. If you spend more time gathering information about customers and spending money on this, then you will not get more productivity. Are you familiar with who is calling you? Do you the reason behind calling you? Do you know whether they are responding to marketing campaigns or another place? Are they unsatisfied with your service?


With the help of the right analytics and call tracking, you can track the data of calls, also makes analytics report of the value of marketing spend, the performance of the representative, call times information, and other important aspects. By keeping track of your customer’s information you can improve the growth of your business in an efficient and fast manner. With the help of analytics reports and data sources, your agents can give a quick response to the customers. Data Ricj Dashboard helps in measuring average wait time, satisfaction ratings, and call times. Apart from that your agents can also generate historical reports, gauge department performance, and track marketing campaigns that help in improve your offering. The major benefit of using a cloud solution is that you can add various channels in your previous contact center.



Get In Touch With Professional Cloud Contact Center Professional

If you are looking for the best cloud solution service providers, then get in touch with Lgorith Solutions, one of the leading company that offers end-to-end Unified Communication Solutions for Call Center. Apart from that, the company offers Inbound & Outbound calling solutions, Dialing software, Salesforce automation, and other services.