Field Sales Management

Lgorithm’s Enterprise Mobility Solution manage and track Primary and Secondary Sales. Lgorithm’s FMS helps in tracking the fiel dsales activities on a real time basis. The complete Order Management, Sales, Deliveries, Dispatches, Distribution, Product performance can be tracked and managed on a real time basis using sales force automation tool. Schemes and Discounts automatically implies while the order is taken or a sales is performed. Salesman has the visibility of its productivity and performance. The solution automates the sales working giving the better and timely visibility along with the market reach up to the last mile. It removes the pen and paper work and allows companies to analyse and forecast the sales operation on a timely and productive manner

Handling the human workforce has always been a difficult task since every individual is unique from other. With the advent of organized labor industries have been trying to find out the perfect ingredient to Manage their work force for maximum efficiency and productivity via a sales force automation tool. Having a sales force automation tool helps the organization to track the activities of their sales force on or off the field. Today Field sales person goes to the field and the organization is completely oblivious whether they are visiting to the customers/leads or just sitting on their couch and taking a sweet nap. Lgorithm solution,who is one of the leaders in the call center technology has now came up with a unique solution. Lgorithm Solution's Sales force automation tool not only tracks the activity of the Field agents but also allows the organization to push new leads to the field agents in real time. Lgorithm's Sales force automation tool has been greatly welcomed by the collection Industry where almost 73% of the revenues comes from the field agents. Lgorithm empowers the field agents of the future with seamless integration with their CRM and real-time upload of the location and images as a proof of their visits.

sales force automation tool
  • Anywhere Anytime Access
  • Real time data access to Field Personal
  • Accurate GPS Location Based Reports
  • No Data Loss - Offline Data sync
  • Even works on 2G network
  • Compatible for Android Mobile & Tablets
  • Photo Uploads
  • Order History for salesman on mobile
  • Tracking in case of NO ORDER
  • Latest information for Salesman & Retailer
  • Data analytic for forecast planning and expansion
  • Sales Returns and Payment Collect