Inbound Call Center Solution Capability

Inbound call center solution

Inbound call center solution

  1. Customer Segmentation:
  2. Handle priority Calls first
  3. Decide Customer Segmentation using 3rd party business logic.
  4. ACD:
  5. LRU, Round Robin, Skill Based routing strategies
  6. Queue Failover / Load balancing
  7. Voice Recording:
  8. Automatic voice compression
  9. Multiple format recording
  10. Filter Voice Logs by Agent / Queue / Disposition etc
  11. Quality Monitoring:
  12. Assign scores to calls based on configurable templates
  13. Snoop, Barge, Whisper, Conference
  14. IVR:
  15. Advanced Call flows via Node flow designer
  16. Out-of-Office, Holidays, Special messages, Queue Wait Time handling
  17. Web Services or Database integration with 3rd party applications
  18. Voicemail / Schedule Call backs from IVR itself
  19. Queue Monitoring:
  20. Real-time Queue Statistics / Agent Statistics
  21. Interval based ACD reports
  22. SLA monitoring
  23. Assign Skills, Change queues in run-time
  24. CTI:
  25. Screen pop CRM Interface and knowledge base
  26. Missed Calls notifications
  27. Send SMS / Email via 3rd party integrations

ACD Solutions

Automatic Call Distributor is used route incoming calls. Lgorithm’s ACD ensures uniform call distribution across available agents, Inbound call center solution and balanced load distribution across multiple office locations. It comes packed with a powerful routine engine that distributes call based on pre-defined rules including skill-based call routing, FIFO and priority. In addition, it comes pre-integrated with an IVR that provides for options of self-service and also to reach the specified department directly.

Preview DialerPersonal Agent Routing

Personal Agent Routing extends on ACD and IVR capabilities by defining Inbound call center solution and outbound contact strategies to route each customer interaction over any channel to the most qualified agent available ultimately establishing consistency across all channels.


VQ Pass or Virtual Queuing is an advanced queue management solution, Inbound call center solution to help enterprises refrain from losing vital customers and leads to call abandonments caused by long waiting time. This feature provides contact centers the opportunity to reduce abandoned calls due to increased wait times during peak calling hours.