Call Center Management Now Becomes Easy With Lgorithm Solutions Solutions

Call Center Management software

Managing a call center is often hectic and offers many unseen setbacks. When combined with average functioning software they add to this list. Lgorithm Solutions provides excellent call center solutions in the Philippines. Their contact center management software provides enhanced call quality, monitoring, and routing system. Explore a unique call center management experience with our all-in-one software.


Features of our customizable Call Center Management software:

  • Dialer Solutions:

Dialer solutions are useful for versatile businesses. They offer:


  • Inbound Dialers.
  • Outbound Dialers.
  • Blended Diallers.
  • Broadcasting.


Auto Dialers are a prominent choice among call center companies. These dialers help improve the sales of your outbound call center. The software also increases agent efficiency.


Benefits of dialers:


  • Improve agent productivity:

A unique filtering system detects if a call has reached a machine and only connects the call when the person answers. This system helps to provide quality and assured leads.

  • Smart lead detection and planning:

The smart management software also helps to check the number list and plans further outbound or inbound processes.

  • Auto-dialers:

One prominent feature of these dialers is the automatic dialing features. The dialer has eliminated the manual dialing process, thus, saving time and avoiding errors.

  • Improved sales and revenue:

The auto-dialer feature saves time by smart lead detection, thus improving the lead conversion rate and boost sales.


  • Custom IVR & Auto-Routing

Lgorithm Solutions offers custom solutions like menus, custom options, and IVR scripts. Our unique persona mapping techniques help to intelligently transfer calls to the right agents.


  • Number Masking & CTI integration:

The company also offers call center management software with CTI integrated CRMS for quality customer service and enhance agent productivity. The service also protects customer data with their number of masking techniques.


  • Easy access technology for agents:


  • Single screen access:

Single screen software that enables agents to access customer information and history. This prevents the time loss in shuffling between the screen and provides an enhanced customer experience.


  • AI-based interface:

AI-based technology offers customized customer experience with voice and language detection technology.


  • Remote agent management solutions:

The call center management software makes sure that your agents can function even from a remote location. The company also offers a Mobile solution for agent management. Our software also works on low bandwidth, thus supporting agents to work efficiently.


  • Monitoring, Control, and Analytics:


  • Real-time monitoring of agents and controlling operations:

Lgorithm Solutions helps call center supervisors and managers to efficiently handle agents and campaigns on a single dashboard. Real-time analytics and tracking options are also available to determine the performance of the agents. Different reporting formats like PDF, HTML, XML, and CSV, and are also available for call monitoring


  • Call control options:

Our live call monitoring options for supervisors can also them to control the agent’s call during tense situations with the help of whisper technology.


Call center management with Lgorithm Solutions:


Lgorithm Solutions’ call center management solutions are available in the Philippines at affordable prices. The software can be used for multiple industries ranging from Retail, Finance institutions, collection and lending companies, Marketing, e-commerce, and food delivery.











Contact Center Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare market is evolving on multiple fronts. Advancements in technology not only enable better care, but also increase the level of “customer service” patients receive before, during, and after a visit to the doctor. Healthcare call center services are very helpful to healthcare providers looking to deliver exceptional patient care. By taking care of the non-core tasks in the healthcare business, the medical specialists can focus on making their patients better, improve overall efficiency and work with the knowledgeable experts for a budget-friendly price.

Benefits of a Contact Center for the Healthcare Sector


  • Reduce re-admission rates with outbound calls through patients’ preferred channel.
  • Nurses can utilize downtime to follow up on post operation care and medication instructions.
  • Patients are directly connected to proper nurse based on their health record.
  • Streamline patient communications with a single system across sites with centralized remote administration: Multi-site contact center, operator console, and quality management capabilities.
  • Improve patients’ ability to connect: self-service, IVR, SMS, mobile apps chat, etc.
  • Decrease appointment no shows


          Improve Patient Care with IVR

Provide exceptional patient experiences without sacrificing compliance, budgets, or staff productivity. Enthuse Interactive Contact Center solutions help providers meet their business needs:

  • Improve the patient call experience:
    • Intelligently route calls to the appropriate staff member quickly.
    • Proactively notify patients of appointments, test results, etc.
  • Reduce operational costs related to patient care by shortening patient wait times.
  • Integrate with existing back-office systems for a smooth patient and employee experience.
  • Offer prescription refills through IVR self-service solution.

Some Contact Center Technology Trends That Will Boom In 2020

The initial purpose of any business is to gain more customers and deliver the best and supreme quality customer support or service. But, it is also true that without a good sound strategy and latest technology transformation you are not able to maintain your business leads.

Now it is the right time for businesses to learn new technology trends and sound strategies because 2020 is scrolling and the new trends can transform the way of operating your business.


What type of Contact Center Strategies You Will Follow in 2020?

In today’s trending digital era, all businesses are planning to utilize new market and technology strategies to meet the demands of customers. And Contact center technology is transforming into a customer engagement platform. So, be ready to learn new contact center strategies for your business growth.

Cloud Deployment

From the last many years, Cloud technology is considered one of the best assets for many businesses and now it is also considered the ultimate and preferred technology for all businesses at a worldwide level. Without investing in infrastructure and hardware, any business can work in any nation with the help of a cloud platform. It means the cloud platform offers a great opportunity to all businesses.

According to a Forbes study and report,  with the offering of flexibility, 83% of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020.

By using CRM integration with cloud contact center software organizations are profiting while it demonstrates out to be cost-cutting programming with all the on-premise highlights.


Business Presence On Digital Channels

In today’s time, most of the businesses are online and if you have disconnected conversation with your customer, then you may lose your customers. For customers, service matters the most, no matter how good your product is, but if you are not providing satisfying customer services, then you may definitely lose your business leads.

If you are facing context-driven conversation problems, then you can use new digital channels like Instagram, Facebook, Chat, Email. Viber, Call, Whatsapp, and more. You can connect with your customers with the help of these digital new channels without any disturbance.

According to a Global Customer Service Research & Report, 33% of the customers ask their issues and prefer to solve the issue in a single conversation. The length of time doesn’t matter for customers.

With the help of new digital channels, executives or agents can track’s customer’s queries and entire information which is asked by the customer in the previous interaction. You can solve the problem of asking repetitive questions to the customers and the issues of customers instantly. It keeps the communication reliable and bound together crosswise over touchpoints and channels for effective development.


Instant & Interactive Voice Response

Over the years, IVR has been the best tool for call centers and it will precise in 2020 as well. It can translate accents and tones with more precision than conventional discourse acknowledgment software. Customers who are hesitant to hold up in the line are demonstrating a tendency towards AI-controlled IVR frameworks that relegates the guest to concerned specialists or divisions depending upon the situation.


Artificial Intelligence

If your customer is satisfied with the first interaction, then the customer will choose your service again definitely. After some time,  Artificial intelligence will become a great and huge asset for businesses because it helps in understanding customer’s purpose or needs and also enables operators to organize the tickets as per the client’s feelings. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, operators or agents will deliver a quick response to the unsatisfied customers.

Suppose, a customer is planning for a tour and he/she is not able to check flight status, then the customer might get irritated or frustrated with the company’s service. If the customer is trying to connect with the agent, with the help of AI’s intelligence, the particular agney can view or track the ticket priority and deliver a quick response to the customer regarding the flight status easily.


Information-Driven Customer Insights

The information enables organizations to interface and customizes every connection from end-to-end. With the help of data, you can know more information about your customers and you can use it to design future activities for your clients, conveying uncommon CX.

It is getting progressively pertinent in 2020 because organizations can drive designs based on characterized information.

Let’s understand with an example, If an agent is surrounded with multiple queries regarding travel packages or any other service, then the agent will not able to focus or resolve each query. These queries can be resolved via self-service IVR and the agents can concentrate on the major issues.

Use of Recall Technology

We all know that businesses are growing at a high level and can do more for huge exponential growth. Now, for businesses, it is possible to filter communication issues with compromising the business work.

In this new year, most of the call centers will utilize message filtering technology that will help in finding error messages without compromising the customer service experience. Now, you can resolve errors of messages without wasting your time and money. Recall technology will become a hit for all call centers. This will help you to save annually.


Use of Advanced Self-Service Tools To Free Agents

Self- service tools are more efficient than live agent support. According to surveys and research, it is found that self-assist tools are beneficial for all businesses because customers can resolve their problems by using these tools in a small-time. The self-assist tools include tutorials about education, FAQ’s, and other information on genric issues.

In 2020, you will see a rise in businesses because most of the companies are going to utilize self-assist tools. After that, they can focus on the critical tasks of the company.


View the Upcoming Change in 2020

Stay updated with the latest and advanced technology and marketing strategies. Be ready for the competition. If you will use the right strategies, then you will see a transformation in your customer experience.

Reasons How Customer Service Call Centre Can Help In Business

Reasons How Customer Service Call Centre Can Help In Business

Call centres have become common all over the world and inbound customer service centres can either make or break your business.Phone in customer service centres are becoming mere buck passers or stalling agents and thus not truly delivering what is expected by the company or the customer.


There are 5 simple things that can be done to improve your inbound customer service call centre and help your business help your customers better.


Get the caller’s name and details correct


When a person calls in, the first thing that must be done to get the details of the caller. Without this nothing can be achieved.When the details are given have them read back and confirmed and ask “can I call you Mr X or can I call you John”.


Reading the details back provides assurance to the caller that you have their best interest at heart and asking whether they wish to be spoken formally or informally relaxes the caller, there is perhaps a greater chance that the person will not mind being called their first name. Once the correct name and contact details are attained the issue can begin to be addressed.


Supply a reference number


At the beginning of the call, not only after the call give a reference number. This reference number is valuable for both the caller the company being represented. The reference number is a key element for improving customer service.


It is one of the few tangible aspects that can be traced, tracked and followed – vital if you want to take control.At the end of the call provide the reference number again.


Give a time line


Every problem should have a timescale in which it should be resolved. Once the issue is understood explain to the customer your process. By informing the customer of the timescale and your intended actions creates and strengthens confidence. A time line also keeps your business accountable.


Does your business have timescales or a timed/managed process to handle issues? This is often an ignored process or one that needs updating. Your process could be costing you business.


If you don’t have answer get one


Very often the operating agent is not fully conversant in the technology or other aspects of the issue being raised. This is often the failing point of many call centres, however using point 3 above and then point 5 below failure is easily overcome.


Points 3 and 5 create the opportunity for an answer to be found and conveyed timeously back to the caller. This step is perhaps the most important step and is the point at which a repeat customer is gained or an existing customer lost.


There should never be an “I don’t know” and if you “will find out” then find out and say when you will reply.


Understand the bigger picture


Many call centres become yet another silo within a business; they become a dead-end and have little purpose other than to be a point of contact. All businesses run on processes and knowing where the call centre fits in as part of the business, how its operation impacts other processes and how its own processes must dovetail with many internal and external aspects of the business is essential.


Sophisticated software has been implemented in many call centres to manage the phones and communication, but the phones and communication systems are not what make the call centre function.


Final Note


A call centre is an information hub and therefore needs to be integrated into systems and processes of the company it is representing, this may be external systems if outsourced or existing systems if an in-house call centre.


Call centre agents must understand their significance in the process, and businesses must also understand the importance of the call centre. All agents must have access to systems – don’t use licencing costs as a reason not include the users, the value far outweighs the cost.


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Blended Call Centers, An Easy Way to Communicate

Blended Call Center Solution

Each and every one is busy these days. So we always search for the things like two in one or ten in one. This blended call center is also a concept like that. In a blended call center solution, incoming and outgoing both types of calling are done. Generally, both things are done in different types of call centers. But here all things are done in just one place. So it is easy for the employers as well as the customers. And companies can get their work done     in one place only without hovering around.

The advantages:

There are many advantages of this kind of call centers. And those advantages are:

  • The both types of calling are done in one place.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls are there. So the agents can choose their work according to their expertise.
  • The people who will receive the incoming calls can note down the details of the calls so that they can be contacted for any reference in the outgoing call.
  • All the works has been done in a same center. So confusion regarding information won’t be there.
  • The ease of work will increase and so the efficiency will increase too.

This system is so full proof that if you find any doubt, you can directly contact center management system of the call center. And the work of customers will also be easy that they won’t have to keep a lot of contact details for different call centers.